Coeur de Jade Grape Eau de Vie


Coeur de Jade (Heart of Jade) is the bespoke eau de vie du vin prepared for Jade Liqueurs®, and serves as the base spirit for Jade’s portfolio of fine absinthes and Perique Tobacco Liqueur.  Jade has elected to bottle this fragrant brandy following many requests to do so by those fortunate enough to visit the distillery and sample the spirit.

Coeur de Jade represents the culmination of several years of development to perfect a base spirit true to history.  The result is an eau de vie that possesses the aromatic profile typical of 19th century eau de vie.  Unlike most commercial wine spirits distilled from modern, efficient columns, Coeur de Jade isn’t stripped of the character that contributes to the velvety mouthfeel of Jade’s absinthe and liqueur. 

Those who enjoy eau de vie and grappas will appreciate Coeur de Jade on its own, while bar chefs will find Coeur de Jade as a more flavorful alternative to vodka as a base for creative cocktails.

Composition - French eau de vie distilled to 19th century specification and reduced to 42% ABV.

Appearance – Crystal clear

Taste – A smooth, aromatic eau de vie that retains artifacts of the original fruit, without bitter or vegetal off-flavors.